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Are you looking for genuine ruby rings at discount prices?

Hoping to find a selection of ruby engagement rings for less than full price?

Wondering what’s available in antique ruby ring styles that are affordable?

Would you like ruby earrings to match without paying a fortune?

Rubies Aren’t Cheap but…we’ve found some Deals and discount ruby rings!

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Ruby ring jewellery isn’t usually cheap, and untreated genuine ruby rings of quality are expensive. Cheap rings for sale under a couple hundred dollars are not usually a bargain in the long run, especially if it’s a ruby engagement ring you’re buying and want it to last.

That said, we have discovered some online ruby rings for less than regular prices and pass along the information.

Here’s what we found:


It’s relatively easy to pick up cute little heart ruby rings for kids made of low quality or treated rubies that will last a while, but not forever. This kind of ruby jewelry is widely available at most department stores and online through Amazon and other discount retailers like Gemstone Depot.


You can select childrens cheap ruby rings that are great as birthstone rings, or find an assortment of simple heart ruby rings that can be promise rings or friendship rings between little girls or even those adorable cute pink heart ruby rings that kids can give to each other for about $20 or $30, or more intricate designs with small diamonds that retail for under a hundred dollars.


A few of these pieces are also great ladies cocktail rings and are a good alternative to really cheap costume jewelry, but they do not come close to what you will want for your wedding, engagement or even for an anniversary present or a womans birthstone ring. For that you’ll have search a bit deeper….like….

Discount Ruby Rings at Half Price at Angara


High quality gold ruby rings for any occasion, finely crafted ruby engagement ring designs, lots of unique ruby wedding rings, and even some new versions of vintage ruby rings at half price can be found at 4 online shops that we’ve researched. But please take note that half off a thousand dollar ring is still going to be about $500, and in that price range there are many great styles. We’ve also found a smaller selection of ruby rings that range from a couple hundred to about four hundred dollars and are excellent quality since they’re retailing at a 60% discount. These special offers may not be available all the time because sales vary, but the websites we recommend have discount ruby ring selections of some kind throughout the year.


One of the best places to find discount ladies ruby rings, silver and white gold ruby rings as well as lovely hand crafted eternity rings that are not at all ordinary, is called Angara. They have emeralds rings, tanzanite rings and a good selection of ruby jewelry that is affordable, as well as a department where you can custom design your own ring creation, especially for creating your own unique ruby solitaire ring or a personalized ruby wedding ring. This is because you can choose a ruby and also the mounting separately. They put it all together, so that you can have a star ruby ring or any heart shaped ruby rings you need set into gold for a reasonable price. They also have a good selection of white gold ruby ring mountings. And if you’ve been looking for the popular emerald ruby ring styles, they have emerald cut ruby stones, sold loose, for just over a hundred dollars.


Their best bargains are on the ruby rings in white gold mountings with many choices of bands and shank styles in contemporary, traditional and even antique designs. Just to wet your appetite, we present a few Angara ready to wear ruby rings. Let’s start with the oval ruby ring in 10k gold that retails for under $200 but was originally six hundred dollars. It features a cushion cut ruby with genuine diamond accents. Other top deals are the split shank white gold ruby rings that also include diamonds along the shank and these pieces are just three hundred dollars, although they were originally more than $800.
Naturally they have ruby solitaire ring designs like the oval solitaire set in 10k white gold that is a ruby bow band ring, also for about $300, reduced from eight hundred.

There collection is topped off with an exquisite ruby flower ring that is a great young ladies ruby ring or for a woman. It has 6 rubies set to look like petals and a central diamond and a split shank also with diamonds. Again this ring is a genuine bargain having started at a thousand dollars and is now down in price to under $400.


For something delicate there’s the round solitaire ruby ring with a graciously curved shank that would be a fine promise ring between young ladies or even a ruby engagement ring for a woman who wants elegant simplicity.


For the more dramatic settings, Angara has designer ruby rings that make lovely ladies cocktail rings, some were priced well over a thousand and are now between $300 and $500 for totally stunning genuine ruby creations like the design that has fourteen oval rubies set into a divine ruby cluster ring in 14k gold and diamonds.

If you need ruby anniversary rings or even ruby rings engagement styles which are unique and inexpensive, it seems Angara has what it takes in quality and good value in ruby creations.

Discount Ruby Rings UK


Jewellery Cave is one of the places that has many great bargains, however since they don’t ship internationally, they are ruby rings UK residents will appreciate and be able to order with ease. Since their warehouse is in London, they provide jewelry delivery within the UK. They have a wide selection of jewellery ruby rings, ruby earrings and many other items that you can mix and match to create your own ruby jewelry sets.

Their prices range from under £50 for created ruby ring styles to about £300 for genuine ruby rings in a variety of uniquely handcrafted designs set in 9k gold or 18 gold depending on the piece. For fun jewelry like the gold flower ruby rings you can expect to pay as little as £56 and they have matching 9 carat ruby heart shape earrings with diamonds for less than £50. Not all the rubies are genuine, but they do make lovely presents for girls or young ladies.

For ruby rings UK, Jewellery Cave is as good as it gets.

Jewelry Ruby Rings by JE Gem


Looking for art deco ruby rings?
Need some unique ruby band rings with rows of rubies and diamonds?
Looking for silver ruby rings with cubic zirconia?
Want a large ladies cocktail rings?
Well, we recommend JE Gem for jewelry discounts that will make your wishes come true. Their pieces tend to be very unusual and bordering on eccentric, like their square silver ruby ring collection that sells for just over a hundred dollars, or their glam cocktail ring in 14k gold that mixes amethyst and tanzanite gemstones in a dazzling flower design for under $500.


They have some distinctive ruby eternity rings in silver with cubic zirconia in pave settings and they retail for a little over a hundred dollars which is a real bargain! They also have some simple oval ruby rings for about seventy dollars.


When it comes to discount pieces, we don’t hesitate to recommend JE Gem where you can select other gemstones or blends, like ruby emerald rings, and tanzanite rings as well as sapphire and lots of other genuine handmade gemstone designs for prices that are affordable and jewelry that’s of fine quality.

Sapphire and Ruby Ring Designs by NSC


There are mixed reviews about NSC, The Natural Sapphire Company, who offer loose gemstones and mountings and custom designing of sapphire and ruby rings.


In our findings, we feel they offer value and do not hesitate to recommend their design and gemstone services for all your ruby rings, especial custom designed ruby engagement rings. We believe that their ruby and sapphires are of fine quality, and their settings and mounting options are best in gold, white gold or platinum. They do offer palladium rings, but we can’t verify the quality, without doubt recommend them for their gemstones and gold.


If you have been pricing what it will cost to have a custom ruby engagement ring designed, you will probably be delighted with what you find at The Natural Sapphire Company, because their loose ruby gemstones start at about $150. It does take at least a couple weeks for them to make what you order, so plan in advance.

Their customers all say that they are a very patient team of professionals who work with you so you get exactly the ruby ring you want. They also have a designer collection that is ready to order, but they are not exactly cheap ruby rings. Their styles are unique and fabulous without a doubt, but prices start at around $1,000, so you may want to get a custom design instead.